Friday, June 08, 2007

Not About Me, but...

This blog is not about me, but I wanted to fill you in on something.

I *was* going to speak at the Chesterton Conference. I was going to do a great job speaking about Frances Chesterton.


My husband became a full time artist about 18 months ago when his "real" job laid him and about 4,000 others off.

Yes, so anyway, the weekend of the conference: I wanted to attend, and planned to attend. But, there's this art show in Milwaukee, a big one. Lakefront Festival of the Arts. One of the top ten shows in the nation. We're on the wait list for it. And we could get called as late as the Friday morning before the show. The Friday, yes, that I was supposed to speak.

If we don't get into Lakefront, our backup show is Stone Arch, which, if you're from the Twin Cities area, you know, is in the Twin Cities. I *could* still show up at the conference Saturday, but it is totally all up in the air.

Peter Floriani will be speaking in my place, and I know he'll give a great talk, so attend that for sure.

Still hoping to see you there....



  1. I'm sorry about the conflict, but I do hope you guys get into the art fair of your dreams. :)

  2. Good luck! No matter the venue.

    BTW, the Lakefront Festival usually is accompanied by horrendous T-storms with high winds, etc. on one of the days it's open.

    Bear that in mind as you set up your booth...

    Now aren't you happy that you read the comments?

  3. If you can't come, your presence will be sorely missed. Hope the Festival goes well, though.

  4. Any chance you could post snippets of your talk on the blog, Nancy, so we can all benefit from your wisdom? :-)

  5. Sorry to hear we might not see you, Nancy! Why don't you send Dr. Thursday to the art show and you do the Chestertcon?

  6. Dr. Thursday has yet to be trained in on setting up the art fair booth. :-(

  7. Dad29: But Murphy's Law states that if we get in, it will be the sunniest, best weather-year of Lakefront's history. So we've GOT to be there.

    And we have a weather-proof, weighted tent, and have been in the worst of storms with it, that's part of this business, but thanks for the warning anyway :-/

  8. And SURE I can post things from my "talk that wasn't" about Frances Chesterton. You get a little inkling of some of the research I did on her if you read my latest column in the April/May issue of Gilbert which just arrived at my door, and hopefully is at yours already. It's all about famous diamonds. And diamond merchants who become fathers of famous people.


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