Monday, June 11, 2007

Neat Coincidence Discovered by Chestertonian Detective Joe

H/T: Joe
This past Thursday, I had a little epiphany about the significance this year of the liturgical calendar as it lines up with the Conference schedule. It's a neat little coincidence, you might want to say something about on the ACS blog. I posted my own reflection on my own site:

The oddity is this: that Chesterton died on June 14, the Sunday in the Octave of Corpus Christi (a Thursday in England); and the conference will begin June 14, a Thursday withing the Octave of Corpus Christi (which we celebrate today, Sunday.)

I can imagine GKC and Aquinas having quite a chuckle together over the fittingness of it all: and when the conference itself is all about the relations between Thursday and Sunday!


  1. Reading his thoughts, I am even more convinced that Sunday in TMWWT is none other than Christ.

    Dale thinks I'm nuts. But then again he would think that anyway.

  2. I admire a guy who can stick to his convictions despite what others say. That takes guts. Plenty of guts.

    Speaking of guts, how's the beer coming along?


  3. Thank you!

    In all honesty, you can't rule out stupidity either. With me, it is always a factor.

    The beer? What beer? Oh, you mean those two cases of homebrew I drank last weekend? ;-)

    Just kidding. I have had all of two, for taste testing purposes only. It is coming along fine and should be in fine shape for the conference. Drop buy if you have some time.


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