Tuesday, June 26, 2007

More About Dawn Eden

I don't feel I did Dawn Eden justice. She was a great inspirational speaker, and what a gorgeous smile. She has one of those smiles that just won't quit, stretching all the way across her face and lighting up the room.

Dawn not only gave a great talk, but she also gave a quite memorable and hilarious toast at the closing banquet. Anyone who was there will never, I don't doubt, be able to hear the word "Bay-o-WOLF!" again without thinking of her wonderful toast and thoughts about drinking mead for the first time.

Dawn's wonderful story about the reading of The Man Who Was Thursday as a young innocent, and it's lasting effect on her as a book about rebellion really was profoundly moving, and also reminds us of how differently different things in Chesterton hit us at times in our lives when we need them.

I was very inspired by Dawn's talk, and hope if you're interested, you'll buy it.

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  1. Thanks for reminding me about this. I loved how she described TMWWT as a story about true rebellion and false rebellion and that it made her feel like a poseur. I really enjoyed her talk!


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