Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Denny was there

and blogs about the experience. Sounds like I missed some great stuff Thursday and Friday.

Thanks for sharing your experiences, Denny, for those who couldn't attend to get a little idea of what it is like, and for those that did, to relive an experience they'll never forget.


  1. Denny,

    Your blog is great - very solid and well put together. No place for comments there, though, so I'm commenting here to say it was a pleasure meeting & talking with you and Claire and also reading your reports on the conference. God bless you both in your marriage and ministry.

    - Kevin

  2. Thanks for the extraordinarily kind words about me, Denny! I really appreciate them.

  3. To Kevin and Chris,

    Thanks much for visiting The Book Den and also for the invigorating conversations at this year's ACS conference. The Omaha consensus was that it was the best we've yet attended. We will plan on seeing you next year (and maybe in between somewhere) plus we will check in also to your blog, Kevin. And Chris, do you have a cyberspace home? If so we we'll be over for a visit. And thanks Nancy for providing this comfy space for us to have this conversation. I'd put one on each of my blogs if it weren't for the &*%#*@* kind of comments I elicit as a pro-life activist! Later, guys.


  4. Dear Denny,
    I'm afraid that I don't have a blog or website– I figure that if I did, I'd spend WAY too much time writing for it when I need to be working and writing for actual print publication... Plus I know that I'd get annoyed by the troll commenters along the lines that you just mentioned. Thanks again for your incredibly nice comments.



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