Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Voice of GKC on the internet?

I'm not that familiar with his voice, but this doesn't sound like him to me. Or else, it sounds sped up or something. What do you experts think of this recording?


  1. My audio is down or I'd listen to it for you. :-(

    The ACS sells all known GK recordings on an audio cassette. (Well, all except one.)
    ~ Gramps

  2. JP: And I own that recording that the ACS sells, and I guess that's why this sounds different to me.

  3. Perhaps he's talking with an affected voice - since he's talking to children. I can hear little parts where he drops a bit lower, and it sounds a bit more like the other recordings (you did click "next page" to hear the other 18 recordings he had on the tribute, didn't you? -what did you think of those recordings?)

  4. Mark: The "Architecture" lecture is on the ACS tape of his voice, and that was the voice I was familiar with. I thought it sounded quite different from the first recording. I did notice that they were done three years apart, and perhaps illness plays into it, I don't know.

  5. The first voice and the "next page" ones sound the same to me.

    This is the first time I have heard our man's voice. He does not sound the least bit scatterbrained or absent-minded. He sounds very deliberate, and rather like an actor. He sounds focused and refined.

    Belloc, by contrast, if you ever get to hear his voice, sounded quite vulnerable (at least he sounded that way as an old man), even haunted, without the bravado or swagger you'd expect.

    I once heard a recording of C. S. Lewis, who sounded far more English and stuffy than you'd guess, with a deep and think English accent, not clear like Chesterton's or longing like Belloc's. He sounded like an old professor character from Monty Python.

    What a difference it makes to hear a person's voice. Just the snippets of GKC tell us, I think, that this man was far more in control of himself than we are wistfully led to believe. His writing is not as meandering or occasionally haphazard as it may seem. I think his voice tells us this.

  6. Kevin,

    Do you know, is there a place where Belloc's voice can be heard online?
    I've looked high and low for it, with no luck.

    I'd be eternally grateful if you could let me know.


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