Monday, May 07, 2007


Beer brewing seems to be a Chestertonian tradition (someone here can tell us all why) and I've heard tell that some home brew's been cooked up for the Conference in June. The brewer is calling it "Gabri-Ale" in honor of Gabriel Syme, hero of The Man Who Was Thursday (or perhaps The Man Who Was Thirsty as Dawn Eden calls her talk?).


  1. Oh, it should be in honor of Gabriel Gale, the Poet of the Lunatics! It sounds much closer.

  2. Lucia, I must admit that's what came to my mind too.

    I suppose the final proof will be whether it "tastes" closer!


  3. I confess I didn't even think of Gabriel Gale when planning this batch, as it is intended for the conference that will celebrate The Man Who Was Thursday. But a line of beers celebrating various Chesterton heroes and books sounds highly appropriate. I'd give them such names as The Everlasting Beer, Flying Pig Porter (for The League of the Long Bow), and St. Thomas Aquinas Stout (ha-ha!).

    As I type, the Gabri-Ale is in its fermenter behind me, percolating away. Intense fermentation began just this evening. The airlock is happily bouncing up and down while inside, the yeast cavorts with the sugars in the wort. If I were a molecule I'd hop inside to watch the fun. :-)

  4. The history is this. Frank Petta, who began this conference in collaberation with Father David Wilbur (may he R.I.P.) lo these many years ago, brought gallon after gallon of homemade wine to these conferences. He continued bring wine when the conference shifted to Saint Paul. Then Nathan Allen added home brewed beer to the menu. Now numbers of people are bringing both beer and wine. I'll say one thing -- the price is right! ~ Gramps

  5. The woman who brought wine last year used Frank's recipe, she told me. Apparently he has become too old to make it himself.

    Gramps, someone who has been to Chesterton Conferences going way back and who remembers/knows a lot of the old-timers ought to put some of this history and anecdotes down on paper. Hint-hint.

    If my Gabri-Ale is even half as good as Nathan's homebrew, then it should be ok. Active fermentation was still in effect this morning. It's nice to edit GM with fresh homebrew bubbling away behind me. :-)


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