Monday, April 16, 2007

Travel in Texas

I'm on business in Texas and so blogging may be light this week, though I was reading The Man Who Was Thursday in the truck so that I could post more on that soon.


  1. I hear there is a problem with comments, so I'm trying this out. If it posts, then I don't know what the problem was, but maybe now its cured.

  2. The comments seem to be working fine for me, Nancy. If only I had something interesting to say!

    Also: there was a baffling sort of article on mercatornet about Harry Potter. The sort of thing that would benefit from the analysis of one who actually knows something about the subject.

    The author cites Chesterton, but that's the high point of the proceedings and an unsatisfactory one at that.

  3. Nick, yes, Mark Shea challenged me to respond, and I will, I'm just not in a place just now (being currently in a noisy motel lobby) to do so. But I will! I planned to to a TMWWT post today, but after taking 1/2 hour to get on the 'net, now, we must get on the road.


  4. I was the one for whom the combox wasn't working. It kept telling me that I was using the wrong password.

    so I opened a new account on Blogger, with the same name and the exact same password, and it accepted them! As if I had never had a Blogger account before! Weird.

    But now I have a Cunning Hat in my profile. :-)

    Nic, I commented on that article, on Shea's page. Very stoopfid and misinformed article. I don't think the writer even read HP (though he seems to have magically discovered what happenns in Book 7). Maybe Michael O'Brien put him up to it.

    edit: Stoopfid blogger! had to go through the whole rigamarole again! Grr!


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