Monday, April 09, 2007

New Chesterton Photo

Thanks to Mike via Dave.


  1. Why, how dashing he looks! Why don't people do photographs like that anymore? There's a sort of dignity to them that makes them very appealing, at least to me. Everyone's all about the "candids" these days; even posed photographs for family functions or special events are frequently painfully mediocre. Colour doesn't help, either.

    Maybe I'm just cranky.

  2. "Maybe I'm just cranky."

    That's what giving up blogging for Lent will do to a man.

  3. Oh, certainly. But it had other benefits, so it's all good.

    I don't regret it, anyway.

  4. Welcome back to the blogosphere, Nick. Happy Easter!

  5. Why didn't you post on Sundays? Those aren't part of Lent, you know.

    Oh, and yes, welcome back.

  6. Thanks, Nancy, and Sean as well.

    I didn't post on Sundays because I never posted on Sundays to begin with, for the most part. Sort of a Catch 22, in the end. The one day I could have posted is the only day I wouldn't want to have done it.

  7. The actual photo is at John Carroll University near Cleveland, Ohio in the special collections: the G.K. Chesterton room which no one ever goes to (but I always try to sneak in when I find it unlocked).


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