Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Important News about accomodations for ChesterCon07

This just in: Our usual accomodations for the Chesterton Conference, Grace Hall, is under construction this summer. Our substitute hall is Cretin Hall, right next door to Grace, but apparently, not quite as nice.

UPDATE: The main difference, as I can see, is that the bathrooms are shared and down the hall. However, there is another option of another dorm, which is air conditioned, and three blocks away, with two rooms sharing a bathroom, as we had at Grace Hall.

If you've ever pondered getting a hotel or motel, this might be the year to do it.

To get a hotel: First, check out the Visitor's Guide to the University of St. Thomas, which is where the conference takes place. Then check out the map of nearby hotel accomodations. See you at the conference!


  1. Not to sound flippant, but how did this hall get its name?

  2. Considering this is my first conference, I can't be disappointed.

    I'm imagining the dorms from my college days (60's era utilitarian) - All I'll need is a room and a bed.

    (besides, isn't there another dorm option?)

  3. Chris: Like Binz where we eat and Grace where we have stayed, Cretin was a bishop of the New Ulm Diocese.

    See here for more; Loome has an interesting-looking book for sale called The Church Founders of the Northwest by M. Hoffmann subtitled "Loras and Cretin and other Captains of Christ".

    Incidentally, I looked up the word "cretin"; apparently it came from a French dialect word meaning "Christian", and once meant any human person. Curious to think that a word now bearing a derogatory sense once was a term of exaltation.

    --Dr. Thursday

  4. Thanks, Dr. Thursday!

  5. Chris: anytime I can be of service.

    Mark: I can guarantee. You will NOT be disappointed. ChesterCon is a foretaste of the "Inn at the End of the World" - ask anyone who has been to one.

    But in both cases, the trick is to get there.

    Dr. T.

  6. Also: that should read "ARCHdiocese"... sorry.

    That web site is very interesting and useful. It brings out the hierarchical structure of the Church, from which we get the famous (or infamous) hierarchical file structures so common in computers these days...

    "The tree of Man's defeat has become the Tree of victory" (see the Preface for the Holy Cross)...

  7. Curious to think that a word now bearing a derogatory sense once was a term of exaltation.

    Sort of like "Christian."

  8. Totally random tibdit - Dr. T, did you know that Bishop Loras, before he came to the U.S., as a classmate of St. John Vianney?

  9. oops that should read "was" instead of "as".


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