Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Gilbert and Frances Scholarship

2007 Gilbert and Frances Scholarship.
Two annual scholarships for $2500 each, named for Gilbert Keith Chesterton and longtime Chestertonian and Retired Gilbert Magazine Contributing Editor Frances Farrell. The Gilbert and Frances Scholarship is endowed by Bob and Joan Farrell in honor of Mrs. Farrell.

The Scholarship has been created to assist and encourage Christian college students to engage the world on controversial issues and possibly pursue a career in journalism.

There are two categories: One for high school seniors entering college, and another for college freshmen, sophomores and juniors.

To apply, please submit the following:

1. A one-paragraph description of yourself and your goals. And your contact information.
2. On a separate page, an essay, not to exceed 900 words, that demonstrates a Chestertonian perspective on any current issue. The essay should be persuasive in nature, written for a secular audience or for readership not necessarily prone to agree with the main argument. It should read like a journalistic essay and not like a school report or an academic paper. No footnotes. But quoting Chesterton, of course, is a good idea.

Please use Times Roman 12-point text, single-spaced. Send hard copy and CD of documents to:

The American Chesterton Society
4117 Pebblebrook Circle
Minneapolis, MN 55437


May 1, 2007
Frances Farrell (the Frances in the name of this scholarship) is the Gilbert columnist whose retirement gave me the opportunity to become a Gilbert columnist.

Good luck to all the entrants!


  1. Not to get on anyone's case or sound like a zealot, but young people who don't enter this scholarship contest(and parents who don't encourage them) are exceedingly foolish. At $2,500, this is the most generous scholarship I have ever seen. And I used to cover education for a city newspaper, so I know. Even banks that give out "student of the year" scholarships to high school seniors typically only give away $500. This is five times that amount.

    Two thousand, five hundred dollars. Not chump change. If you are a high school senior thinking about going into journalism, or if you are a college freshman, sophomore, or junior already in a journalism program, you are stoopfid to not try for this scholarship.

    So go for it and good luck.

  2. Oh, I just found this. How wonderful! I think I may be the only one in my age group who reads Chesterton though, in this age of post-modern post-sense post-rational world. You should hear some of the debates in my Government and Politics classes- er, arguments I should say.

    Well, I think I'll apply this year, though I'm no journalist major (but rather international relations.) Hopefully (if I get it!) it'll spare me from commuting 2 hours to school and back ;)


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