Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Prayers Please

Two things:
1. The American Chesterton Drama Team is in Alabama right now, filming Season 4 of The Apostle of Common Sense. Please pray that this adventure will be fruitful in terms of good things happening to those who will eventually watch. And for safe journeys for all those who must go long distances to be there and go back.

2. Please pray for our Gilbert editor and his family, whom we've been incommunicado since his son had surgery. I am hoping no news is good news, and they've just been too busy to check in. Andrew, 20 months, had brain surgery, so this is very serious. So, without further news, we just pray, right?


  1. These requests shall be placed in my ever-growing prayer list. :-)

  2. Whoa!

    Sorry for being out of touch! At first we were too busy after we got home, and then I was still just too exhausted. Last night after getting the kids to bed I didn't even turn on my computer, but fell asleep on the couch -- something I normally never do.

    The surgury went very well and Andrew is fine, though he (and the Mrs. and me) had a rough weekend in the hospital -- recovering from major invasive surgury would be rough on anyone, much less a 22-month-old. The doctor was able to remove the entire cyst (and it is just a cyst, not a tumor) and it should not come back. We have a follow-up appointment in four weeks. That's when he'll get the stitches removed too -- the incision was at least four inches long.

    Speaking of which, Andrew will of course have a four-inch scar behind his right ear. It starts from just above the ear and extends down to his neck. I'm trying to come up with a snappy pirate nicname for him in honor of the scar. All I can think of now is "Long Scar Frederick" (Frederick is his first name; we call him by his middle name, Andrew), so I am open to suggestions. :-)

  3. I'm so glad that Andrew's doing better! I've been praying a lot for him! I hope everything goes well with the follow-up appointment.

    Does it have to be a snappy pirate nickname? Being the Harry Potter fan you are, you should be able to come up with a really cool backstory for how he REALLY got the scar.

  4. Hmmmmmm...now that's an idea. :-D

  5. You could say that he got it in a sword fight with a GB Shaw wannabee attempting a "Gilbert Thrust".

    ("Yeah, he skinned me, but it was an easy parry. But you should've seen the scar I gave HIM!")

  6. "Scarhead"

    "Frederick the Brave"

    "Freddy Scar-Heady"

    "Long Scar Toddler"

    "Fred Capone"

    "Fred the Dragon-Slayer"


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