Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Posting Position

Here is my attempt to clarify what this blog is all about.
1. This blog exists for people who love Chesterton's writing to have
a place to meet on the internet.
2. This blog will attempt to bring up topics of conversation. The
readers and commentors on the blog are in charge of carrying on the
3. If you don't like what this blog is doing, Blogger is free: Get
your own blog.
4. This blog is interested in everything that Chesterton was
interested in. That means everything is a potential topic for
5. This blog does not exist to serve the blogmistress nor its
frequent commentors. This blog exists for everyone.
6. This blog will only improve and/or get interesting and exciting
when YOU join in the conversation and leave a comment.
7. This blog, like any newspaper or website, has an editor, and she
reserves the right to edit or delete any comments which she deems
inappropriate, demeaning or hurtful; contains harmful or crude
language, looks or smells like spam, or if there is any
8. This blog tries, as Chesterton did, to engage in arguments, and
not in slander against individual persons. We encourage discussion on points which we seem to disagree, but we discourage disagreement for the sake of disagreement.
9. This blog will promote the American Chesterton Society and the
work it does and the books it sells whenever it feels like it.

Any questions or comments?


  1. Yes, Ma'am! 8-D

    Okay, okay, okay... I'm actually on a blogging hiatus with my own blog for the time-being, but I promise to post comments in here more often. I'm on the last three pages of my first (and very slow) read of GK's "Orthodoxy." It's like boarding a passenger train for a casual siteseeing meander through the countryside, but by the end of the book you realize that you're on a freight train heading straight downhill and building up speed.



  2. Trub:
    Slow is normal for reading Orthodoxy, believe me. Took me 20 years to read it the first time. ;-)

  3. Took me four months. I must be a regular jack rabbit. ;-P

  4. I'll try it in english. I'm very interesed in this blog -actually, I've one, in Spanish: spanishchesterton.blogspot.com- and I'm afraid I've to learn a lot of the Chesterton Blog... as far as I can, I'll post comments here.

  5. I've never read "orthodoxy," but I'm working my way there. My 1st Chesterton discovery was his magnificent play "The Surprise." Once I read this play, I was ecstatic and full of passion. Since then I haven't stopped speaking on all the issues! Chesterton gave me inspiration and courage!
    G.K. Chesterton Rocks!

  6. I just wanted to let every Chesterton fan out there know that I am producing Chesterton's play "The Surprise" in my home town on North Wales, Pennsylvania! It has been a long road so far, and I'm not even CLOSE to finishing yet! Wish me luck! The performances are on June 7th @ 6:30pm and June 8th @ 3pm! Any and all prayers are welcome:)
    signed, an asprirng chestertonain!

  7. Hi! I'm Carlos Suárez, a university student from México. Here in Mexico City we have just started with some meetings that are being held periodically, we discuss different topics basing our opinions on Chesterton's perspectives. We could use a lot of help, specially should you contact us with any GKC Society in Mexico, or by proposing us some interesting topics. My e-mail is: carlos.s18@gmail.com, please try to reach me, we really need your help. Thanks

  8. Carlos,
    I passed you note on to my contact in Mexico City. God bless you and keep reading Chesterton!


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