Monday, December 18, 2006

The Sword Issue

One of the really cool features of the latest Gilbert magazine is the little "Sword Scenes" feature, mini pictures, mostly drawn by Gilbert, reproduced here and there in the pages of Gilbert. There were also lots of sword quotes, and two great features, one by Dale Ahlquist and one by Kyro Lantsberger, on an interesting sounding place in Minnesota that is sort of a museum for old swords.

And, I never noticed before, as editor Sean Dailey quotes Dale Ahlquist in the Tremendous Trifles section, that Chesterton's signature formed two swords.

What was your favorite feature or article in the sword issue?


  1. Paul Catalanotto's essay on freedom hit the nail on the head!

  2. Yes, Paul figured out what freedom wasn't. A fine essay.

  3. Yeah, I hope we get more submissions from Paul.

  4. Thine issue has finally arrived! 'Tis an early Christmas present!

    "... Stuffed in my stocking with care
    In hopes that St. Chesterton soon will be there..."

    Hmmmmm..... re-working "Tis the Night Before Christmas" with a Chesterton theme..... now THERE'S an idea!

  5. Ooh, great idea! Get on it, Trub, buddy. Lots of room for poets here. Get writing!

    That "Lots of room" reminds me of the joke at GKC's funeral: he died on the Sunday in the Octave of Corpus Christi, and the Introit was translated "The Lord has led me into a LARGE place." (Ps 17:19)

    Obviously, no real Chestertonian was going to pass that up, so they put it on his memorial card. Even God joked about GKC's size!

    Ok. (ahem!) Now, get to work on that "A Chestertonian's Night Before Christmas"... anyone who wants to enter may submit a rendition via e-mail to our esteemed blog-mistress.

    The winning entry will receive a "Get out of Jail Free" (also known as the "Omit One Penalty" card) for use the next time you play Gype; and of course we'll post your poem here.

    (Since I'm volunteering as a judge, I won't be entering, as much as I would like to do so. But I'm anxious to see some more poetry...)


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