Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Gilbert Magazine

I hope your Christmas was memorable, joyful and peaceful.

Speaking of the Gilbert magazine Sword Edition, did you read that interesting mini-biography of Hilary Pepler? Anyone interested in Distributism should. He was a printer, who lived Distributism as a way of life. He also wrote, authored articles for the New Witness and G.K.'s Weekly, as well as his own work, including puppet plays, a true Chestertonian feature. Oh, I forgot to mention that after Chesterton died, Pepler was in charge of G.K.'s Weekly and Secretary of the Distribustist League.

Online, you can read about Pepler here. read about the predecessor to the Ditchling Press hereand here. Anyone living near Ditchling, can visit the Ditchling Museum, where children can make their own Pepler Puppets and put on a puppet play. Notre Dame (Indiana) Library has quite a Pepler collection.

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