Thursday, November 02, 2006

Timeout for Thanksgiving

Yes, in three weeks the United States of America celebrates Thanksgiving, a day on which we remember the gifts God has given us, and continues to give us.

But I was just struck by how amazing it is that I can remember things from one day to the next.

So I thought it fitting to say thanks to God for this wonderful ability.

No help computers, no help are books
When searching through the cosmic nooks
The wise are rendered very weak
If one forgets what one does seek!

Through files coloured AMBER, through thousands of pages,
Or scrolls, parchments, CDs - the lore of the ages!
But surely one can face no harder task
Than seeking a fact one's forgot how to ask!

So pausing from books or from memory banks,
Let us think of our gifts and express our true thanks
Let librarians wonder, no it's not at all odd
To remember this gift - yes, thanks be to God!


  1. Great poem, Dr. T.

    Our brains are amazing storage devices. And the Internet does not have the answers to many of our questions.

    And knowing where to look is an important life skill.

  2. Great poem....captures the true spirit of Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving there is fun and frolic all over but in all these merrymaking let us not forget the real purpose of the occasion. Lets all kneel and thank God for all that He has showered on us and for this beautiful life that he has graced us with. On that note please do visit my
    Thanksgiving Blog and share your thoughts. Have a great Thanksgiving!!!


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