Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Apostle of Common Sense Video Game

Coming Soon! The ALL NEW Apostle of Common Sense Video Game, made specifically for the Nintendo DS!

You play as Gilbert. You have to go through London, arguing right and left with Shaw, Wells, and all of the rest. You move through mazes of hazy thinking, tunnels of troubled reasoning, towers of illogical logic. You pick up stars of common sense, which give you power-ups to fight the battles of wits. At the very end, you have two paths, one light, the other dark, and you have to choose.


We were watching the third season of the Apostle of Common Sense the other day, and my eleven year old was asked if she would like to watch with us. She said she'd rather play her DS, and so we thought if the ACS would just make a DS version, we could capture a much younger audience with the Chestertonian ideals. Any game writers out there want to start tackling this project?

(Note: I completely made this idea up. But I think it's a good idea.)


  1. His sword stick would come in handy during the game.


  2. Game play would have to include the ability to send telegrams to determine your current location.

  3. I was just thinking, alternately, you could play as Dale Ahlquist or Sean Dailey. At certain intervals, for strength, you'd have to go get a cigar or a glass of wine.

  4. Oh my gosh I want to play this game!!!!!!!!!

  5. Anybody else think Chesterton would have turn Savonarola on video games?

  6. GKC RPG ~ roll the dice to determine whether you should battle the Hudge-monster on your left or the Gudge-gargoyle on your right (double points if you can slay either one while catch a dinner roll in your mouth). Proceed to the next level if you can get Hudge & Gudge to kill off each other due to vain glory.


  7. And when Quoodle barks, you have to sneak food to him under the table, else he won't stop barking.

    And you are typing a column, the door bell rings, the courier is waiting, and you have two minutes to compose 1500 words. The timer starts!

  8. Heehee! One part Metal Gear Solid, one part Final Fantasy, and a few elements of a girl-get game (dating sim)!

    You call Frances to save the game, sort of like in the Metal Gear Solid series, you have to call Mei Ling/Rose/Paramedic to save. Also like the third MGS game, there'd be a stamina meter you have to eat to refill. And eating at big hotels is the equivalent of eating vampire bats or other food Snake hates!

    There are debates that work sort of like the turn-based combat in FF games; Shaw is the main boss, of course, and the final boss, but there are also minion types, like Clarence Darrow. The menu commands would be divided into "Reply" and "Redirect", or something, giving you the option to either directly answer the opponent's argument, or answer with a "special" (sort of like the various special attacks in Final Fantasy games), like with a poem or an anecdote. If your meter gets high enough, you unleash your ultimate Paradox Attack!

    It'd be a little like a dating sim (specifically a Japanese dating sim like Tokimeki Memorial, where you have to be nice to all the girls, because if they all stop liking you, you lose). Only, instead of girls, you have to be nice to everyone (it is GKC, after all). You even have a "liking" meter with inanimate objects that goes down if you don't appreciate them enough!

    And, of course, Belloc and Baring are unlockable characters after you finish the game. Belloc is stronger in combat/debates than GKC, but he doesn't have a paradox move, his liking meter goes down much faster, and you have to play sailing-based minigames, too.

    Yes, as you can see, I'm a total geek.

  9. If he can use his Sword Cane, Large Pocket Knife (to sharpen his pencils of course) and Gun then count me in. I'll buy it!

    The game should also include characters from his books (Like Thursday)

  10. Does anyone have the GM interview with Dawn Eden handy? Didn't she say that there's a video game that draws heavily on The Man Who Was Thursday for inspiration?

  11. There will be times when only a dime detective novel can get GKC out of a jam. There will be other times when only writing a Father Brown mystery will get GKC out of a jam.

  12. Oh Yes - Let's start making this game now.

    When there is a glut of progressive opposition taking up arms againt him, GK and break open the Water Tower and clean the Streets.

    And have Multiple choice "Quotes" for him to choose as response to various debaters.

  13. You could have several versions of the game:

    GKC ~ Debate To The Death

    GKC ~ The Thursday Infiltration

    GKC ~ Chasing The Flying Inn

    GKC ~ Sleuthing With Fr. Brown

    GKC ~ The Battle of Hudge & Gudge

  14. Trub: These could be the names of the levels one plays in the game, the different worlds. Now that we have the names, we have to get the names of the bad guys that he has to fight at each level.


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