Friday, September 08, 2006

Variation on a Theme in Brown

In the new issue of Gilbert!:

John Peterson, the master of Brownian motion, presents us with a very interesting and clever story: "The Bathrobe".

I found myself hearing chords out of "The Dagger With Wings"... as Father Brown would comment in his solution to that silvery puzzle, both are based on "the one really good disguise I've ever known".

A side note! Out of respect for those who may not yet have read either story, I've used a tricky little HTML "charm" to hide a word here - strangely but truly related to the "white magic" in the above story. (What a great tech pun!) So if you've already read these stories and want the clue, use your mouse to "highlight" the above paragraph as if you were going to do a "cut-and-paste" - and the hidden word will appear.

A personal note: John, a tireless Chestertonian writer, began a wonderful newspaper some years back - it was called The Midwest Chesterton News. It gave me much pleasure to read, and began my on-going linkage into the Family of Uncle Gilbert and Aunt Frances. The MCN, phoenix-like, lives on in our favourite magazine, and John's mysteries and other writings are still a delight.


  1. Therese Warmus9/08/2006 5:05 PM


  2. I finally read all the Father Brown stories last winter, and I thought John's story had a familiar ring to it! :-)


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