Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Scouring of the White Horse

G.K.Chesterton was fascinated by the idea of the White Horse on Britian's hillside, and the fact that people must continuously free it of weeds and work on it to keep it the visible landmark that it is.

He also spoke of a white fence post, that must continuously be scraped and repainted, if it is to remain white.

In this way, he reminds us that when things look right and are going ok, we must still work to keep them that way, they won't just "stay fixed."

That reminds me of the movie "The Incredibles" where, in the opening interview with Mr. Incredible, he says something like, "You know, sometimes I wish the world would just stay fixed, ya know? I mean, it's like, sometimes I feel like the maid: I just cleaned up in here! Could you just keep it clean for just a little while?"

But the world just doesn't stay fixed, does it?

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