Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Introducing: Dr. Thursday

Dear Readers of the ACS Blog,
Due to some circumstances, one bad one which is health related, and if you send any prayers up for me, I would appreciate them; and one good one, which is that I am in the process of trying to write a book, I am going to temporarily put Dr. Thursday in charge here.

Dr. Thursday is a great friend of mine, an avid and intelligent, if not brilliant, Chestertonian; who has been involved in the ACS for longer than I have and who has helped me tremendously with every Chestertonian project I've ever attempted; he will be a sure guide, probably taking this blog to new depths and with other spins and interests, should keep things here quite interesting.

I may still post if something is important. Or you may find me in the comment box.

And since Dr. Thursday has already received his Summer Movie Issue (and I haven't), he might have things to say about that even now.

So, please give a warm welcome to.............Dr. Thursday! (clap, clap, clap....)


  1. I'm praying that you get through those health-related problems. Get well soon!

  2. Blast! Forgot about that (you mentioned it on Flying Stars) when I covered my mother's Adoration today.

    Oh well, at least I did pray for that kid named Jesus Eduardo. The request (there's a bulletin board for them) was in Spanish and English, and the English was very broken. "I need your pray for my son," that kind of thing. Neat.

    Get well soon; I'll just have to pray for you normal-like. Better than nothing.

  3. Prayers your way, Mrs. Brown!

  4. I will indeed pray for you, Nancy. Please e-mail me and fill me in on the details. I also can pass the word (as much or as little as you wish to reveal) to the rest of the GM family.

  5. Prayers indeed, Nancy Brown.


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