Monday, September 11, 2006

Five years ago

Five years ago my boss and I were standing in the lab where dozens of monitors showed the cable TV networks we used for testing... suddenly we saw something strange happen.

Soon we and most of the company were in the Control Room, where we watched a news network piped up onto one of the four big screen displays. On the others, the machinery reported that network after network was "going live" and ceased sending cues to trigger commercials - even the music-video networks were affected.

Somebody on TV said something about it being a surprise.

I shook my head and quoted Father Brown:

"I am never surprised at any work of hell."

[GKC, "The God of the Gongs" in The Wisdom of Father Brown]

As we pause for a moment of solemn silence, let us not be "surprised" about that work of hell. Let us erect a monument by resorting to prayer and to work - thus furthering the work of heaven, which is always surprising.


  1. I wrote this on the one-year anniversary of the attacks:

    Where were you that fateful day
    When terror reigned and buildings swayed?
    Recall you where you were that morn?
    And is there one for whom you mourn?

    Were you awake when came the news
    That smoke obscured the New York views?
    And o’er a Pennsylvania field,
    Some passengers refused to yield.

    The broad Potomac gently flows
    Past Virginia’s shady shores,
    Which on that fateful day turned black
    With smoke and ash, a fiery wreck.

    A year gone by now since that day
    When terror reigned and buildings swayed.
    And we the living offer prayers,
    Which rise above to heavenly ears.

  2. Have you seen this?

  3. btw- Chestertonian-

    that was really beautiful.


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