Thursday, August 10, 2006

Rare Autographed Chesterton Book for Sale

The Collected Poems of G.K. Chesterton
Limited Edition, 1927
350 signed and numbered copies. This is number 266.

Very Fine copy. Large format. Hand cut pages. Parchment spine, stamped in gilt.
This book is being offered exclusively through the American Chesterton Society.

UPDATE via the ACS: A gentleman contacted us who wants to sell it. He acquired it about 40 years ago in a used bookstore in Scotland. He is in serious need, and is starting to sell his treasures simply to pay the bills.

The fact is, it’s not something you can just go out and buy. So whoever buys it is helping out a needy soul – and the ACS to boot. But best of all, they’re getting an autographed Chesterton book.


  1. How was this book found, and how was the asking price set?

  2. HMMM, I suspect, but don't know for sure, that a bookseller, such as Loomis, or someone who scoures the internet for such prizes, may have found it, purchased it, and donated it to the ACS for just such a purpose as this.
    Prices are, as they say, what someone is willing to pay for such an item. Obviously, GKC can't sign any more, so their value only increases with the passing of time; their value also increases as more people become Chestertonian collectors, and vie for things such as this.

    I'll see what else I can find out. Stayed tuned.

  3. If Chesterton is ever canonized (I should say, WHEN he is canonized), the buying and selling of his relics would be considered simony -- and an autographed book qualifies as a second class relic, I believe. So buy up this still now! :-)

  4. I typed "still" when I should have typed "stuff."


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