Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A New Review of Orthodoxy

"Written in the early years of the twentieth century, some of the authors mentioned by Chesterton might seem obscure to readers unfamiliar with general literary history. However, the fact that they have been forgotten while Chesterton is still embraced as a foremost defender of the faith is a positive testament to the relevance of Chesterton's ruminations that, though written nearly a century ago, ring with a truth that sounds as if they just rolled off the presses."

Reviewed by Frederick Meekins


  1. Wonderful! His concluding point about the enduring relevance of GKC is heartening.

  2. A nice current review of a timeless work, one that gets better every time I read it.
    Thanks for posting this link, Nancy. It's refreshing to see GKC where he should be: in our current public discourse.


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