Monday, July 10, 2006

The Purple House

If any of you live near Milwaukee, you might know about the purple house. I wish I had a picture of it to show you. Next time I pass it, I'll take one.

This house is on the way to my sister's house, so I see it often. As we pass it, we always say, "Look at that purple house!"

It isn't just purple. There are flowers painted all around it, the fence is also purple, and the landscaping is such that it appears to never have been mowed, or perhaps it is a naturalized planting that isn't supposed to be mowed.

The house is right on a corner and highly visible in the neighborhood.

Anyway, reading David Fagerberg's article today on "The Art of Democracy" made me think of the Purple House. Tomorrow, I'll tell you why. If you don't figure it out for yourself.


  1. I live in Milwaukee, but I can't place the house you refer to. What neighborhood is it in?

  2. It's on South 43rd Street either Howard or Cold Spring, on the southeast corner of the intersection.

  3. Years ago, there was a place on West North Ave (around 150th) which was painted a sort-of dark sky blue--as was the fence surrounding it, the lamp-post, and whatever else was in the yard.

    The lamp-post sign read "My Blue Heaven."

    IIRC, the house was sold to Opus Dei as their new women's residence, but after a neighbor objected strenuously (multiple unrelated occupants in a single-family), OD sold the property to another resident.

    Now it's painted a somewhat dispirited yellow-near-mustard.

  4. Dad29, get that neighbor's address. We'll have one of our mad albino monks pay her a visit.

  5. article about the house:


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