Friday, June 23, 2006

What is a Schizologue?

Julian Ahlquist performed his famous "Schizologue" for us at the closing banquet at the ChesterCon. This consisted of his playing four different parts in a scene from Star Wars episode IV, in which he plays Darth Vader, General Taggee, Admiral Motti and one other character I haven't identified, all at the same time. Basically, Julian takes four different positions physically, and plays each from that position, moving quickly from place to place, changing his voice to fit the particular character he is playing. It was so funny when it was performed last year, that it was back by popular demand this year.


  1. The Ahlquists are brilliant - Jules was the "King" in the play, and his sister Ashley was the "Princess".

    And there was another relation whose name (upon reflection) seemed familiar - Elad Tsiuqlha - who played a drunken guard.

    But this schizologue act is simply hilarious!

    Then again, I am easily amused. (Thank God.) If you want more of Julian's humour, check out here.

  2. I wish I could have seen it, it sounds hilarious.

  3. He does the "schizologue" at Christendom too. So funny.


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