Monday, June 26, 2006

A True Chestertonian Moment

Here we are at the banquet, in a true Chestertonian moment: friends whose diversity only brings to mind what we have in common, our humanity. On the left, a PhD Computer Scientist, Peter Floriani, who did his doctoral work on DNA and is now working in the Television Commercial world; the empty seat had, moments before, been occupied by myself, a BSN former-nurse, who took time off to be at home with her children, who now homeschools them and writes on the side; Therese Warmus, the literary editor for Gilbert magazine as well as a contributor, and her husband, Joe, a truck driver; we had a wonderful time together, talking, laughing and sharing stories about Chesterton and other things. Chesterton brought us together as nothing else probably would, except maybe the Church.

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