Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A Meeting of the Blogger Minds

From left to right: Here's John of This Red Rock (who, by the way, entertained us at lunch by telling us of a huge joke he wrote up on an old blog where here he started an incredibly funny spoof called "The Cow Pope" which you've GOT to read and be prepared to spill coffee laughing); next is Sheila of Enchiridion fame; next is Dr. Peter Floriani, famous for his work here and here and often posts anonymously; and Joe, of Chesterton and Friends Blog.

A good time was had by all bloggers.


  1. That guy third from the left - I think I know who that is. Reminds me of that dialog in Manalive:

    "...'Besides,' he added, 'it will do him good.'
    "'What will do him good?'
    "'The wine I'm drinking,' said the strange person.
    "'Does he drink too much, then?' I inquired.
    "'No,' he answered; 'not unless I do.'

    Another thing - nobody can be as fat as that. Are you sure the picture has not been tampered with?

    Then again perhaps that explains why there wasn't any Stilton when I went to get some.

  2. :)

    Nice to meet y'all!

    Lovely, Mrs B!

  3. I think the fatness is an illusion. The person is surrounded by skinny persons, and that gives the illusion of being plump. But fear not, it is just an illusion.

    The wine this year was excellent, and so now I'll have no cause for complaint. Even though some would say I couldn't complain before, I did.

  4. Nancy, let's just say that the Petta Wine had, um, it's own character. ;-)

    Dr. T said, "Another thing - nobody can be as fat as that."

    I am not only as fat as that, but I am fatter. ;-)

  5. However, Chestertonian and Dr. T., I think this thinking that you are fat, like our thoughts about Chesterton being fat, may be a myth, as Gier Hasnes discovered. Do you remember how he debunked the myth that Chesterton was fat? Well? I think the same kind of thinking can be used on others as well ;-) Maybe it's water. Or beer. Certainly not "fat".

  6. Ugh, I look terrible . . . This picture makes me understand why my mom always says about me: "Her cheeks were like roses . . . her nose like a cherry." The light was not kind to me -- that's my excuse.

    By the way, they say a camera adds 10 lbs. That assuredly explains the illusion.

  7. (Although John does sort of spoil that theory. I guess he really does look even thinner in person. But beyond a certain point it's hard even to judge.)

  8. Either or,Sheila, it was a real pleasure meeting both of you. :-)


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