Saturday, June 10, 2006

Favorite Book on Chesterton

Tom's idea (thanks) from the combox.
What is your favorite book on Chesterton?

Chesterton as Seen by His Contemporaries by C. Clemens is my personal favorite. I love all the anecdotal stories in there.


  1. Maisie Ward's biography of Gilbert, which is in many spots written as well as if he had done it himself, and is tinged with a curious sort of pathos that gets me every time.

    I have not, tragically, been able to find a copy of Chesterton as Seen by His Contemporaries, but I have no doubt that it would be highly agreeable to me.

  2. An obvious choice: his autobiography.

  3. "An obvious choice: his autobiography."

    Whoa! Good one! :-)

  4. OK, written by someone else should have been a clarifying statement!

    I just realized that maybe Joseph Pearce's biography would really be my favorite, since that was the first book I read about Chesterton, and it really helped me to get into his life.

    I love Maisie's book, as well, but my copy is musty (got it on e-bay) so I go in there for reference stuff, but am reluctant to re-read it.

    Furor, I thought someone had recently re-pulished the Clemens book and the ACS sells it, yes, the link is

  5. Oh, excellent! When I have an actual cash flow again I may have to pick that up. The first order of business, though, would be finally getting that subscription to Gilbert, and possibly to the Chesterton Review as well.

  6. Furor: I was thinking about you today. And I wondered if you couldn't get your college's/university's library to get a subscription to Gilbert...and Chesterton Review as well? Maybe you could suggest it. That way, not only YOU could read it, (without needing the funds for it) but maybe other folks would, as well.

  7. Well, they already have the Chesterton Review - all of it, as it happens - but no Gilbert. I've been making my way through it merrily, but I'd like to have a subscription too to look cool to all the ladies. The library also has all of First Things, Touchstone and Horizon, so I have no lack of things to read (if you've never checked out a Horizon, you should. It's not in print anymore, but you can find them in used bookstores a lot of the time).

    Gilbert might be too unacademic for them, though they have all of People Magazine too so they can get off their high horse about that. I'll check into it.

    They also have all of Chesterton. Everything. Also lots and lots of stuff about him, including (they say) the Clemens books. It just appears to have been misplaced.

    They've even got issues of G.K.'s Weekly. I was going to say that they also have The New Witness, but they do not. All they have is something by William Penn from the 1600's that is entitled, I swear to you:

    The new witnesses proved old hereticks, or, Information to the ignorant: in which the doctrines of John Reeve and Lodowick Muggleton, which they stile, mysteries never before known, revealed, or heard of from the foundation of the world, are proved to be mostly ancient whimsies, blasphemies and heresies, from the evidence of Scripture, reason and several historians: also an account of some discourse betwixt L.M. and my self, by which his blasphemous, ignorant and unsavory spirit is clearly and truly manifested, in love to the immortal souls of those few, who are concern'd in the belief of his impostures / by a living true witness to that one eternal way of God, revealed in the light of righteousness W.P.

    Anyhow, thanks for thinking about me. I'll try to get that short address whipped off to give to you for Chestertcon in a few days.

  8. "I'd like to have a subscription too to look cool to all the ladies."

    Definitely, there is no better way to look cool for the ladies than to be seen reading Gilbert Mag. :-D


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