Sunday, June 18, 2006

And *YOU* were there

At the closing banquet last night at the Chesterton Conference closing event, I read a statement submitted by a frequent reader and commenter here, Furor.

Furor could not attend this year, and wanted to send greetings to the rest of the conference attendees, and so we did that.

Furor's greeting, in a way, represented all of the people who are Chestertonians and who could not attend the conference for whatever reason.

And we felt, we attendees, that we were a part of something bigger than just ourselves. We know that there are Chestertonians all over the world, and we are all united in our love for the big guy (as Dale Ahlquist would say) and so, in a little way, last night, we were all together.

One of the traditions at the closing banquet is to have three toasts. The first is to Chesterton, who brings us together. The second is to the American Chesterton Society, which brings us together. The third is to Chestertonians world wide, and there, we are indeed, all together.

Cheers. *clink*


  1. Nancy, wasn't your daughter, or someone, supposed to sing? Did this happen, and I somehow missed it?

  2. I'm glad to hear it was a success, Nancy. I shall make every effort to witness these extravagant proceedings for myself next year.

    In the meantime, however, I may have to look into those recordings. Would they include the closing speeches?

  3. None of the activities following the banquet were recorded. Sorry.

    And I too hope you can make it next year, furor.

  4. by the way, Nancy, these day-to-day posts, keeping readers abreast of the conference, were wonderful. Thanks so much for this!

  5. My daughter Ria (the one with the Chestertonian Easter Egg) was supposed to recite the first book of the Ballad of the White Horse (yes, she full admits to being a Chesterton freak). Instead she came down with chicken pox. Bummer.

  6. The poor dear! Tell her we loved her easter egg and I mentioned it in my Tremendous Trifles column in a recent issue of Gilbert Mag (including posting a link to her blog). :-)

  7. Welcome back!

    Thanks for the write-ups:)


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