Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Surprise

I really, really, really would love to read The Surprise before seeing it at the Chesterton Conference. I haven't found it anywhere. Was it published? Has anyone ever read it?

And secondarily, who is putting it on? Who are the actors? How did they become involved in this?


  1. It's in CW11.

    The surprise is actually quite amazing, more in the nature of a mystery story - it pivots on one single line. Because I know what it is I am worried that (1) someone will reveal it, which would spoil the fun, and (2) something would go wrong, somehow preventing the audience from hearing it, and (3) people would miss the key words in that line which make it the Surprise.

    But perhaps I am worried about nothing. All I can say is you REALLY have something to look forward to...

  2. Dale told me the other day that the cast still has a lot of work to do to get it ready. But that's ok; my experience with the theater is that it all comes together in the end. It's a mystery. :)

  3. I've read it- I always enjoy everything I read by Chesterton, but this is a play that you really need to see performed. You often miss nuances in plays if you don't hear certain lines being spoken. Is there going to be a particularly extensive set?

  4. "Ask and ye shall receive."
    I had a copy of The Surprise in my in-box with hours of this original post. Proving, once again, that Chestertonians are the coolest and nicest people on earth.
    I spent part of the afternoon reading it, and I now now what anon meant above in the comment about the one important line. When I got to it, it was an "AHHHHHH" moment for me. I hope, too, that it comes across in the live version.

    I plan to read it a few more times, so that I can get the most out of seeing it live when I finally can. It should be really, really good.

    Thanks to my provider. I do not currently own CW11. Obviously, it needs to be on my wish list.

    I assume that some local (that is St Paulish or Minneapoleans) are involved in the play? Non-professional actors? Has anyone heard any more scoop on this?

  5. I think -- but I'm not 100 percent sure -- that the case is a combination of some Twin Cities denizens and some people from the St. Louis theatre troupe that appeared with Dale in Season 3 of his EWTN show. I think that's what Dale told me, anyhoo.

    but I could be wrong.


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