Monday, May 29, 2006

Now This is a Summer Reading Program!


  1. To keep that up he'll have to keep a book in every room, like I do, including a book or two in the excrameditation chamber.

  2. His sonnets are quite beautiful. Do yourself a favour and read "Sonnet #7" on his recent posts list. Superb!

  3. You were right, Furor. They are good, especially no. 7.

    Who is this guy anyway?

  4. Ahem - guys, this is a public conversation, not a private one.

    I met John at the last conference - he's a Christendom college student - see his blogg for more details. (One clicks on the "view complete profile" button!) Do you know that they REQUIRE the reading of The Everlasting Man for one of their courses? Thank God! (I still hear people saying it's too hard, and I wonder what version they're reading.)

    Actually it was clear from the list of things he's reading that he's an undergraduate, since grad students list lots more journals. Hee hee.

    And people at work have much longer lists, but do not always get through all the books. I ought to try posting my own list, no one would ever believe it.

    In fact, this provides the counter-argument demonstrating that GKC was a journalist, not an academic, when he "flipped through" the books DC got him on Aquinas... Real workers rarely have time for that kind of leisure: "For my own part, I never can get enough Nothing to do. I feel as if I had never had leisure to unpack a tenth part of the luggage of my life and thoughts." [GKC, Autobiography CW16:202]

    (Hey! Did you know that the root word for school, schola means leisure? Don't I wish!)

    However, the real quote which ought to go here belongs not to GKC, but to STA:

    "When asked for what he thanked God most, he answered simply, 'I have understood every page I ever read'." [GKC, STA CW2:422]

    I'm nowhere near that good, but I do thank God and my parents and teachers for that GREAT GIFT.

  5. I decided long ago that my sons are going to Christendom. I only hope it is as supurb when they're old enough for college as it is now.

    Yeah, The Everlasting Man is required reading for all Christendom freshmen. Wonderful!


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