Thursday, May 25, 2006

Conference info for those attending and needing internet access

I'm passing along this information because I would have liked to have known this last year for the conference.

I checked into the computer situation over at St. Thomas, where the conference is. (Please note that on this map, it looks like parking is a millions miles away, when actually, you can park where the "W" is.) Here are the campus maps.

The closest library to the conference is the Archbishop Ireland Memorial Library. According to the library information, computers are available with internet access. Summer Hours are Thursday 8 to 8, Friday 8 to 4:30pm, and Saturday 10 to 5pm.

The library also notes they have outlets for laptops. In addition, there is wireless available, and it is supposedly also available in the dorms. You need a student ID and password normally, but I've researched this and found that guests can get 24 hours (renewable) for free.

So, your technology can come with you to the Chesterton Conference.

The Archbishop Ireland library information line is 651-962-5450 if you have any other library-type questions.

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