Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Remember The Alamo

(Cool web site linked above)

Sorry for the light posting, we're traveling in Alamo country. I liked the website that is linked above, the opening with the swords reminded me of Chesterton, who always loved a good fight. The Alamo is remembered here in Texas, and the story is so romantic and chivalrous, that I think had Chesterton known about it (did he? I am not aware of his writing about it, but let me know if I'm wrong) he would have written about it, because he would have loved the story.


  1. The closest he ever came was when he commented on "alamode".
    ~ John Peterson

  2. :)

    Davey Crockett
    Said, "Fockett"
    When the Mexicans attack
    Courage we'll not lack.

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  4. Sorry, bad punctuation.

    Davey Crockett
    Said, "Fockett.
    "When the Mexicans attack
    "Courage we'll not lack."


  5. The colonel named Jim
    Lay in bed, growing dim
    But before the Mexicans took his life,
    He made good use of his Bowie knife.

  6. General Antonio Lopez
    The great enemy of Texas*
    Assaulted the Alamo
    Any survivors? No.

    *Yeah, I know it's a bad rhyme. But try finding a rhyme for "Santa Anna."

  7. or... "baby gran' piana"


  8. Whoa! thank you rhapsody. :)

    General Santa Anna
    Slipped on a rotten banana
    When Sam Houston cornered him
    His prospects looked grim.

    General Santa Anna
    Liked the sound of a grand piana
    But even more,
    He liked blood and gore.

  9. What a marvelous verse!
    As it could've been worse,
    'Cause, (& I'll keep this terse)
    It required a hearse!


  10. (ahem)...

    Sorry, Mrs. Brown, for the corny verse-

    My apologies to you too, Chestertonian.


  11. No problem, Rhap. the above verses are Clerihews, I hope you know. :-)

  12. Have read of them- will have to review the rules & get out my Chesterton pen...



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