Sunday, March 12, 2006

Traveling with Gilbert

I'll be traveling the next few weeks, so blogging may be intermittent depending on the local internet service.
Meanwhile, be good and polite here as always.

I'll be taking a number of books with me, not all Chesterton's. Lord of the Rings, The Poet and the Lunatics, and a Collected Volume of Illustrated London News articles are coming. That doesn't necessarily mean I'll get a lot of reading done. I usually think I'm going to have a lot of free time traveling, and then somehow, I get caught up in...well....traveling!


  1. I'll also be able to take my new Gilbert magazine with me, as it just arrived today! We can discuss it when you all get yours.

  2. "A man cannot expect any adventures in the land of anarchy. But a man can expect any number of adventures if he goes travelling in the land of authority. One can find no meanings in a jungle of scepticism; but the man will find more and more meanings who walks through a forest of doctrine and design. Here everything has a story tied to its tail, like the tools or pictures in my father's house; for it is my father's house."
    [GKC Orthodoxy CW1:362-363]

    Have an adventure, come home safely, and bring back a story or two...

  3. Have fun, we'll miss your insights!

  4. Remember, Nancy, that the fastest way to get home is to stay there. :-)


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