Friday, March 10, 2006

Read the play: Magic

A reader has sent me a wonderful resource for many of Chesterton's works on the internet, scanned copies of his books, but with the ability to be searchable.

The main page is here and if you put in Chesterton's name, you can see all kinds of things there. They operate in a new (for me) format called DjVu, however, I downloaded it (free) and it works quite nicely.


  1. is great- I've needed to use it for research and recreational reading many times and it's wonderful to be able to access hard-to-find manuscripts rapidly for free, although I still say you can't beat an actual paper-and-binding book.

  2. Indeed, Chris!
    I wrote a poem about that very thing.

  3. For one thing, you can't underline important passages or scribble in the margins of a computer screen, which are things I do to almost every book I read.


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