Thursday, March 02, 2006

Common Sense

The Dems want to revisit Katrina and make sure everyone knows what a bad job everyone (who is not a Dem) did during the emergency.
The tone of their sqawking leaves me questioning the honesty of their re-evaluation efforts.

What I find problematic about this is that for one, is was a hurricaine, right? This is categorized as an emergency. An unusual occurrance. A storm vastly worse than most storms. How can anyone be prepared, really, for that?

I want every Dem who is ready to condemn the government's actions who did not go to New Orleans to feed the poor or find shelter for the homeless to step forward. The Dem who has perfectly handled every emergency situation ever in his life can be the first to cast a stone.


  1. Agreed. However, I think this was an excellent example of the folly of reliance on government -- state or federal -- to initiate any sort of adequate response to a big event. It takes people to do that. Lots and lots of individuals. Like, well, what happened.

    Reading over the list of the varied origins of first responders is inspiring. Not only emergency personnel that stayed on the job when their own houses and loved ones were threatened, but private and commercial boat owners, business people, ordinary folk of every stripe. Politicos of both flavors just wish to feel needed, in a frenzied and pathetic sort of way.

  2. Kurm--while you had me laughing at the wording in your post (I am easily amused) I agree with what you say. All I can think of is the principle of subsidiarity. The government, fed and state particularly, are there to help, NOT to take over. If there is any blame, it should be on government itself getting in the way of those who, like you said, did their job helping those in dire need.

  3. Glad I could dispense a little laughter medicine, M.

    And while we're talking about it, leave us not forget that the, ahem, Media (everybody bow and scrape) was provider of lots and lots of misinformation. Although they excused themselves with the plausible sounding explanation that, heck, a major catastrophe was going on, and they weren't to be held liable if unsubstantiated rumor -- the mainstay of 24 hour news feeds -- got the better of them. Somehow, they won't admit of the same frustrations that faced the White House and La. State House, FEMA, etc.

    Let's see -- I think I heard of thousands upon thousands of dead, mutilated bodies, rape mobs, and I believe Dan Rather was given a Very Reliable memo about werewolf sightings, which are common in that area of the South, as we all know.

    None of which proved to be true. I was as shocked as anybody!

    Save a decent throwin' brick for those folks!

  4. What cheesed me off was the fact that FEMA needed its director's involvement at all. It's like the Serbian king whose job included hunting bandits for his people. What blinkered idiots in FEMA couldn't do their jobs without the director's say-so?
    I may be naive, but I could swear most cops don't need the police commissioner's help to make arrests. I understand whole days go by without the Army having to call up the President and have him remind them what their orders are.
    So why is FEMA, and only FEMA, staffed with these will-less automata?

  5. Oh yeah, and one more thing, Louisiana werewolves are ordinarily invisible until their skin is broken by iron. Sort of like Skinwalkers, but not as evil.

  6. Tom in Az -- terrific point. I work for the state, and we seldom ask the governor to inspect any construction. Probably couldn't get him to put a hard hat on, anyway, so it is just as well.

    (Although I'd love it if he DID come, and WOULDN'T wear the hard hat, and OSHA showed up...)


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