Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Blog Appearance Changes Coming--Head's Up!

Just so you know, I have an expert who runs the ACS web page checking into if he can match our appearance here with the main ACS blog so that we look like we're related to each other, because we are. If he can do it, you'll be surprised one day when things look different here, but everything will be the same except the look.
Also: There is a tab at the top of the ACS front page linking it to us, so if you go there, it will be easy to get here from there.


  1. Great! I read about your blog in GM and found it through the ACS link. Did everybody receive the Christmas issue in Feb.?

  2. AND the Oct/Nov issue...


    It definitely extends the holidays:)

  3. Richard,
    Technically, it was still the Christmas season when the Chirstmas Gilbert arrived.
    I know they are working very hard to catch up with the magazine. I believe the next issue should be out soon.

  4. True on both counts, Nancy: we ARE working hard to catch up, and the next issue went to press this week. Watch your mailboxes! :)

    P.S. Will real emoticons accompany the face lift?

  5. What is this "Main ACS blog" of which you speak?

  6. Furor:
    that would be

  7. Oh, okay. I've never really thought of that as a blog, per se, so I'm sure you can see my confusion. Anyway, it's good to see you getting the recognition you deserve. Have you considered inviting other contributors to the project?

  8. That was a typing error, sorry. The main ACS web page is that: a Web Site about Chesterton, the American Chesterton society, etc. It isn't a blog. This is the blog that accompanies the web site. Capish?

    I have considered adding contributors. Sometimes, I still consider it. Perhaps in the future, something will happen with all my consideration.

  9. Now that we've got the whole "blog/webpage" confusion thing cleared up, can you answer my question about whether you will be adding real emoticons? :)

  10. I have considered emoticons in the past. I will consider them again. Perhaps something will come someday of all my consideration.


    Just out of curiosity, what benefit would it bring this blog if we did have these emoticons?

  11. If you mean those wierd things with semicolons and unmatched parentheses, please leave that to the cell-phones.

    And if you mean the even more obtrusive and snide tiny yellow circles??? Oy. After all, we've been using phonetic symbols for some 5,000 years - it wasn't the Hieroglyph (or the Ideograph) Who was made flesh.

    Or, to paraphrase Another Who also loved Bloggs:

    "Post 'yes' when you mean yes, 'no' when you mean no; 'hee hee' when you mean hee hee, and 'oy' when you mean oy; everything else is from the Evil One."

    Hee hee.

  12. Just out of curiosity, what benefit would it bring this blog if we did have these emoticons?

    And if you mean the even more obtrusive and snide tiny yellow circles???

    A pox on both your houses, because animated emoticons are some of the most fun to be had on the internet. Laughing; crying; smiling; chugging a beer; bouncing up and down; even vomiting (my personal favorite): what better way to fit a whole paragraph's worth of meaning into one symble, all with the click of a mouse?


  13. Darn it, I misspelled symbol. See how much use a crying emoticion would be here?

  14. OK, I will be the curmedgeon here: How often did Chesterton use emoticons?

    However, if I wrote like GKC, I perhaps wouldn't need them. I am have a feeling that the tone of some of my comments on this blog has been filtered out by my inadequate prose. Rest assured, I spend most of my time on this site with a big :) on my face.

  15. I'm with Chestertonian...

    & GKC used illustrations!

    So there!

  16. I'm sure that, if Chesterton had had access animated emoticons, he'd have used them.

    And we'd have been gifted with a brilliant, witty and funny essay, "What I Found on my Computer Screen," a sort of companion to "What I Found in my Pocket."


  17. There are other places you can go to get your "emoticon" fixes people.

    Don't take it personally if we never get there here. This is about Chesterton, not about popular computer thingies.


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