Saturday, January 28, 2006

Journalism 101-part two

"I will give an instance (merely to illustrate my thesis of unreality)
from the paper that I know best. Here is a simple story, a little
episode in the life of a journalist, which may be amusing and
instructive: the tale of how I made a great mistake in quotation. There
are really two stories: the story as seen from the outside, by a man
reading the paper; and the story seen from the inside, by the
journalists shouting and telephoning and taking notes in shorthand
through the night.

This is the outside story; and it reads like a dreadful quarrel. The
notorious G. K. Chesterton, a reactionary Torquemada whose one
gloomy pleasure was in the defence of orthodoxy and the pursuit of
heretics, long calculated and at last launched a denunciation of a
brilliant leader of the New Theology which he hated with all the
furnace of his fanatic soul." GKC

Sounds more like a description of (then) Cardinal Ratzinger, doesn't it??!!

1 comment:

  1. It sounds like the Cardinal Ratzinger of the media imagination, but not like the Cardinal Ratzinger of his books.
    NB: There were 2 Torquemada - the good one and his nephew, the tool of Ferdinand.


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