Friday, January 27, 2006

Journalism 101-part one

Speaking of editing, here is a funny essay of Chesterton's on journalism. I'm going to piece it out, we can discuss it bit by bit.

"Our age which has boasted of realism will fail chiefly through lack of

Never, I fancy, has there been so grave and startling a divorce
between the real way a thing is done and the look of it when it is

I take the nearest and most topical instance to hand - a

Nothing looks more neat and regular than a newspaper,
with its parallel columns, its mechanical printing, its detailed facts
and figures, its responsible, polysyllabic leading articles. Nothing, as
a matter of fact, goes every night through more agonies of adventure,
more hairbreadth escapes, desperate expedients, crucial councils,
random compromises, or barely averted catastrophes.

Seen from the outside, it seems to come round as automatically as the clock and as
silently as the dawn. Seen from the inside, it gives all its organisers a
gasp of relief every morning to see that it has come out at all;
that it has come out without the leading article upside down or the
Pope congratulated on discovering the North Pole."

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