Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Chesterton Day by Day

I once went through an e-Bay/Chestertonian purchase phase, where I was buying lots of old things, any old things that had the word "Chesterton" on them. I got some fine things, and some not so fine. I found out there was an author, way back, who didn't like Chesterton, and wrote a book about that, which amazed me. I was naively under the impression that Chesterton was universally loved.

Anyway, one such acquisition was Chesterton Day by Day a sort of perpetual calendar, with a new quote from Chesterton for each day. There is something like this on-line, too.

Anyway, today's quote is this:

"Variability is one of the virtues of a woman. It obviates the crude requirements of polygamy. If you have one good wife you are sure to have a spiritual harem." From the Daily News.

Now what, do you imagine, is Chesterton saying?


  1. I don't have to imagine what Chesterton is saying. I am married to one woman; I understand completely.

  2. That book has been reprinted by Inkling Press, based in Seattle, I think. Good outfit, with lots of books on Chesterton and Tolkien. Dale sells the Day by Day book on the ACS website.

    ( for those of you who don't know it)

  3. Hmmmm...

    1 wife and 7 daughters here...

    I have had variegation up the proverbial wazoo.

  4. Too funny, Dad29! I'm in the middle of a line of female harems: my grandmother had all girls, my mother had all girls, and I have all girls. Lots of variability there! Tons!

  5. Sara B send this quip:

    Scientists at Syracuse U. recently describing for a British journal their study of body measurements of bats, found an inverse size relationship between a male bat’s brain and testicles. They hypothesized that both sperm and brains are metabolically costly to produce, and in species with relatively stable monogamous relationships, brains are allowed to grow; but where females are promiscuous, males that do not overdevelop testicles get left out of the race to procreate.

    (Quoted in our local [paper].)

    So our individual variability is simply our charitable way of letting men have some brains.

    Thanks, Sara!


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