Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Chesterton and Children

I guess I haven't done a good enough job yet of evangelizing my own friends.

They've heard me talking about Chesterton for years.

So last night, at our homeschool meeting, I asked if I could run through a speech I'm giving at the end of this month to another group, so my friends could be a "friendly" audience, give me feedback, and so forth.

The first "feedback" was that I should start by explaining who Chesterton is.

I never thought I'd have to do that! I figured these people my friends, all already knew who Chesterton was! Heck, I figured ALL homeschoolers already know who Chesterton is! I found out I was wrong.

I hereby declare that I will give this talk, titled Chesterton and Children to any and all homeschool groups. Contact me at the link there on the left. The first thing I will tell you is who Chesterton is. Then I will tell you why everyone should be reading him. And then I'll tell your group the secret of why I'm a Chestertonian.


  1. Awesome.

    I may actually talk to any home-school groups I know, see if I can convince them to join.

  2. Great! Homeschoolers are actually very Chestertonian, excercising the principle of subsidiary and all that. They should know about Chesterton if they don't!

  3. You will be relieved to know that the Ambleside Online homeschool curriculum, which is available for free online, includes many Chesterton titles in the high school years, and recommends them ALL in the Free Reading lists. My children have become near-rabid Chesterton fans through their high school exposure to him through AO. My junior is a sweatshirt-wearing member of the American Chesterton Society!

    I'm one of the seven volunteer designers of AO, and we are all Chesterton devotees. So be encouraged!

    Oh, here it is for the curious:

  4. Wonderful! Wow, I have my Chesterton University sweatshirt on right now, too....(chills :-)
    I'll check out Ambleside, and how wonderful that you all like Chesterton so much. We should be friends.

  5. Last night I had coffee in my vintage Gilbert! magazine coffee mug (no longer available).

    Queen She, do you mind if I mention AO in the next issue's Trifles? Sounds like something readers would like to know.

  6. Chestertonian,
    you might also want to mention Mater Amabilis, the Catholic Equivalent to Ambleside. Both are totally free curriculums, both are based on the Charlotte Mason method (there is even a connection where Chesterton met with Charlotte Mason's devotees and had his picture taken with them, his wife Frances worked in their office before marriage--picture here

  7. That would be just fine! Thanks!

  8. I forgot to mention that I usually imbibe coffee in my Chesterton mug, in the morning...because it has that great quote on it...
    Daybreak is a neverending glory....getting up in the morning is a neverending nuisance...(or close to that)

  9. Thanks for the input, Nancy.

    Queen She: happy to oblige!

  10. I'm still trying to work things out so I can hear you talk to that "other group". :)

  11. Hurray. I worked it out. "Ria" decided to skip Irish dance in order to join us. See you then!


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