Monday, January 16, 2006

Blog Bugs at Firey Firefox

I should write a peom about this.
Somehow when making a template change, I inadvertently left out an important piece, not realizing its import.
The piece looked like this:

and I thought it was some sort of arrow, which made me think of King Alfred fighting on the hills under the White Horse, which reminded me of rocking horses, and my nursery, and then I was off to get a glass of milk, and the whole thing just cleared right out of my mind.

A very kind soul with the unlikely name of Publius wrote to my kind assistant and I do believe the whole matter is straightened out.

And you would only know about this problem is you were using something fiery called Firefox or Foxfire or something like that, which reminds me of Flambeau and a story I once wrote about Father Brown, which reminds me of cigars...

Thank you very much.
Carry on.


  1. Dear Mr. Chesterton,

    Am delighted to have the opportunity to correspond with you, although I am sorry it is under such circumstances.

    Would be happy to have the kids or their dad get in touch with you- they are the best 'computer geeks' around! I would help you myself, but alas- I am a nerd among geeks.

    Will relay a message should you require their assistance... please let me know.

    rhapsody blogger

  2. Excuse me, Mr. Chesterton,

    I see that you already had the matter cleared up-

    Please pardon my poor perusing, Publius!



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