Friday, January 20, 2006

25th Annual Chesterton Conference

Check here and plan your time accordingly.
I'm already excited! Hope to see a lot of ACS Blogsters there.


  1. a message to the webmaster: Joseph Pearce's name is spelled incorrectly (as Pierce).

  2. I shall inform Dale immediately.

  3. I shall do my best to be there. I have never travelled extensively before, and never to the United States.

    We might also inform Dale that Malcolm Muggeridge's name has an "e" between the "g" and the "r." Not, alas, "Muggridge." Or, one might also inform him that there is a notable disparty between the title of the conference (25th Annual) and the title of the page bar itself (20th Annual).

    These are things that could be done.

  4. In any endeavor devoted to G.K. Chesterton, there are bound to be some goofs. I told Dale about misspelling "Pearce" and will pass this along to him too.

    Regardless of all that, the conference is like no other literary conference anywhere, and always comes off well -- you can tell a lot of planning goes into it. Last year we broke attendance records, and there is no reason to expect this year's crowds will be any smaller. The facilities are fantastic, the talks are always first rate, and you get to rub elbows with Chestertonians from around the world (in short, with the most interesting people you can expect to meet anywhere).

  5. By the way, Furor, where are you from?

  6. Thanks for posting, Mrs. Brown...


  7. These mistakes are all part of being Chestertonian, and finding them, too, is Chestertonian.
    I find them all kind of funny, and as Dale informed me today, they will all be fixed within 90 days.

  8. Chestertonian:

    I am from London, Ontario. Well, Barrie, actually, but I live in London.

  9. I've driven through London, years ago driving from Niagara Falls, N.Y. to Michigan, taking the short cut through Canada.

    Have you ever sybmitted anything to the magazine? I checked out your blog (got the link from a post you made on Mark Shea's blog) and I recognized your name.


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