Tuesday, December 13, 2005

More "What this blog is about"

"This [blog] exists to insist on the rights of man; on possessions that are of much more political importance than the principle of one man one vote. I am in favour of one man one house, one man one field; nay I have even advanced the paradox of one man one wife. But I am almost tempted to add the more ideal fancy of one man one magazine ... to say that every citizen ought to have a weekly paper of this sort to splash about in ... this kind of scrap book to keep him quiet.

[Ward, GKC 497 quoting GKW April 4, 1925]


  1. Yeah! Nancy -- this is awesome stuff. Thanks for setting up this blog -- let me know if I can help....

  2. Sure you can, visit often and comment, the best thing that can happen here is interesting conversations about Chesterton, politics, religion and all those kinds of interesting subjects.

  3. Nancy, the best way to get word out of this blog is to link to other blogs (like Mark Shea's, the holy whapping, etc.) and get them to link to us.

    This is Sean, btw.

  4. Hi Sean, I figured you out as soon as I saw that "the best magazine in the world" on your profile, there is only one and that's Gilbert Magazine.

    I have let Mark know....I'll be letting others know as I get the time....feel free to spread the word to those blogs you attend. And thanks!

  5. Lovely site, Mrs. Brown :)

    You're already linked!

  6. Thanks, Rhapsody! Glad to see you here as well. Comment away.

  7. Great new blog!

    And it knows who I am, which is either scary or cool.

  8. Wonderful blog, Nancy!
    Wouldn't GKC have loved blogging!
    Merry Christmas!


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