Friday, December 23, 2005

Merry Christmas

May it be magical.

Robert Moore-Jumonville has a column in the latest Gilbert magazine titled, "It's Magic." At first I thought it was going to be about Chesterton's play called, "Magic" but it wasn't. It's about considering the mysteries of life as magic, and how this is a superior view of things than saying things could have naturally occurred as they do.

I agree.

What are the chances of the stars just ending up in the sky naturally? Or that one star should have led three wise men across the known universe in search of what that star meant, and that they should have all thought it meant the birth of a king?

What are the chances that naturally, a woman and a man would have been travelling just when the babe was about to be born, and found no room and had to give birth in a stable (that never happened to me)?

What are the chances that shepherds should have heard the angels and the stars singing, and heard voices that told them to go to that stable? Natural?

What are the chances that on his own, Joseph would have had a dream and knew he should take his wife and child and flee? When was the last time you acted seriously to change the course of your life after having a dream? Don't we consider dreams mumbo-jumbo most of the time?

What are the chances that anyone would even write down such a story, if it were an ordinary natural story, about a baby being born? Babies are born every day. People travel every day. Shepherds watch their fields every night. Stars shine every night.

What more can we say?
It's all magic.

Merry Christmas.
May yours be filled with magic.

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