Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Frank Petta Jokes

One reason to subscribe to Gilbert is for the monthly dose of a Frank Petta joke. If you come to the conference, you'll hear more.

Frank is a long time friend of the American Chesterton Society, and always has a pocket full of jokes.

Here's his latest:

An accountant answered an advertisement for a top job with a large firm. At the end of the interview, the chairman said, "One last question--what is three times seven?"

The accountant thought for a moment and replied, "Twenty-two."

Outside, he checked himself on his calculator and concluded he had lost the job. But two weeks later he was offered the post.

He asked the chairman why he had been appointed when he had given the wrong answer.

"You were closest," the chairman replied.


  1. Any discussion of Frank Petta also must include a mention of his world famous homemade wine. :-)

  2. Right!
    I like to think of it as Sorta Petta Wine. Or is it Petta Sorta Wine?


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